Woodgrain granite in Birmingham

Wood is a preferred material for many households as it brings unparalleled warmth and comfort to the look of the home. However, this material has some drawbacks that make it unsuitable for use in every room of the home. As well as retaining stains more easily than other materials, wood is also susceptible to the damaging effects of moisture, which makes it an insufficiently sustainable and long-lasting solution for the kitchen and bathroom, for example.

To the delight of lovers of cosy surroundings at home, there is now a solution on the market that meets the warm wood tones with the sustainable and practical presence of porcelain stoneware – we present you porcelain stoneware with a wood design.

Woodgrain granite tile is an excellent solution for modern homes where it is important that the cosy feel is not at the expense of the sustainability and durability of the materials. First of all, the porcelain stoneware imitates wood tones perfectly and this makes it a suitable material even for rooms such as the living room, bedroom or even the children’s room. For the kitchen and bathroom, wood porcelain tiles will give a more welcoming look, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort right from the doorstep.

If you are unsure about a material that you think could be asbestos then we recommend that you do not touch it or inspect it yourself. We always begin our Birmingham asbestos survey with a full examination and analysis. We can even tailor our services to your specific requirements.