We all want a home that is cosy, spacious, well maintained and resistant to weather and external influences. We dream of mountain views, the quiet of a valley or the river coolness of a beautiful waterfall in the mountains, and some of us would even bet on the hectic pace of the big city combined with style and quality – why not? Is all this possible and achievable? Can we have the house of our dreams tailored and built to all the quality and style requirements? Of course – all this is now possible, through the latest innovation in construction – the so-called “prefabricated houses”. The great thing about this type of house is that there are no requirements for the site on which they will be located. Modern construction provides these extras to a “prefab home” to allow the customer to make the most of their requirements and location preferences – high in the mountains, near a water source, rocky areas or sandy areas. There is a steadily growing demand for these houses, which are available on the market with several types of construction: